She Started Working From Home A Few Months Ago, And Now Her Husband Expects Her To Pay Him For Working Out Of A Room In His Home

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman and her husband live in a house that her husband purchased before she began dating him.

In fact, to this day, he even refers to the house as “his” and not “theirs,” which actually doesn’t bother her too much.

Their house is tiny and only has 2 rooms. One of those rooms used to have nothing in it, but then 2 months ago, she began working from him and began using that room as her new office.

“All was going fine with my job til he sat me down last night saying he’s expecting 30% “profit” from whatever I get from my job since he “provides” the office for my work,” she explained.

“I was completely caught off guard by this. I asked if he was serious, and he went on about it being his home and how he could be using this room for his own purpose since it’s “his property.”

“I said no and called him unreasonable, which led to a blowup. I yelled at him, saying he won’t get a penny, and he pitched a fit and accused me of “taking full advantage” even though there’s no mortgage to be paid. I do all chores in the house as well as share pay the bills in half.”

Her husband then turned around and riled his family up about this issue, but his entire family isn’t exactly on his side.

Some of his family members are, of course, but some are not. His mom is on his side, and his mom accused her of being a problem.

His mom also said that 30% isn’t a lot of money for her to fork over to her husband, and it’s the least she can do because her husband makes her life stable and makes it possible for her to work from home, so he should reap some rewards too.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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