She Still Wears The Engagement Ring That Her Former Fiancé Proposed To Her With, And Although She Doesn’t See A Problem With It, He Sure Does

kamil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman used to be engaged to a man, but that all ended after he threatened her brother about something, spurring their breakup.

So, although they are no longer together, they sure run into one another a lot, as they have the same set of friends.

Additionally, her parents and his parents run in the same social circles, so it has been absolutely impossible for her to avoid her now former fiancé unless she wants to sit at home alone, which isn’t any fun.

Anyway, she still has the engagement ring that her ex used to propose to her, and she has never thought of giving it back to him.

In fact, she will put it on and wear it if she doesn’t want a guy to try to talk to her, as an engagement ring is a pretty good deterrent for unwanted male attention.

Her ex has spotted her wearing the engagement ring he gave her post-breakup, and he has never once mentioned it to her, so she’s continued wearing it whenever she pleases.

“I wore the ring at an engagement party that my ex, his girlfriend, and his family also attended,” she explained.

“His sister noticed the ring, and she said my ex had told the family that the ring had been lost, and that’s why he never got it back from me once we broke up.”

“She said this in front of his girlfriend, who said it was creepy and inappropriate that I was wearing my old engagement ring. I told her it was pretty and walked away since I could see she was angry about it, and I didn’t want to argue with her.”

kamil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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