She Still Wears The Engagement Ring That Her Former Fiancé Proposed To Her With, And Although She Doesn’t See A Problem With It, He Sure Does

A couple of hours after that incident, her ex approached her and asked if they could speak in private, and she agreed. Essentially, he told her that he was furious that she decided to wear her engagement ring to an event she knew his family would be at.

He then said that his family expected him to get the ring back from her since it was created with diamonds that were family heirlooms.

She said she would not be handing the ring over to him but that he could purchase it from her. She stuck to that as her ex did have the ability to get the ring back from her when they split up 3 years ago, but he never took that opportunity.

“When we broke up, he refused to take it, and he made it seem like his family wouldn’t want it either, as a broken engagement made the diamonds bad luck,” she added.

“I wasn’t even thinking about them when I decided to wear it.”

She’s left wondering if it’s wrong of her not to want to give the ring back to her ex and also to keep on wearing it whenever she feels like it.

What do you think?

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