She Suspected Her Mother-In-Law Was Snooping, So She Left A Fake Pregnancy Test In Her Bedroom’s Trash Can, And Ever Since The News Came Out Both Her Husband And In-Laws Are Furious At Her

First, she bought one of those fake positive pregnancy tests online. Then, after it arrived, she tossed it into a trash can– which sits in the corner of her bedroom near the closet– and waited for the drama to unfold.

And it did not take long at all for her hunch to be confirmed. In fact, the very next day, right after she arrived at work, she started receiving countless calls and texts from her in-laws. Then, they all began congratulating her on her “pregnancy.”

Her husband was obviously confused, though, and actually showed up at her office. He was all worked up and questioning her about when she found out she was pregnant and why she did not tell him yet.

At that point, though, she took the opportunity to ask her husband how he found out in the first place.

And once he revealed that his mom had found the “positive test” in the trash can, she started connecting the dots for her husband.

“I asked if his answer just confirmed that his mother had been snooping in the bedroom all along. And he had a ‘realization’ moment, but then demanded we stick to the bigger issue,” she recalled.

Obviously, though, there really was no “bigger issue” since the pregnancy test was fake. So, she tried to explain to her husband how the entire thing was a ploy to expose her mother-in-law’s snooping. And it worked.

Nonetheless, her husband honestly was just not convinced by that. So, he actually made her take a real pregnancy test right in front of him to prove that she was not pregnant.

Spoiler alert: the test did, in fact, come back negative. And afterward, her husband was beyond livid.

Apparently, he asked how she could ever think to lie about such a thing after knowing how badly her mother-in-law wanted grandchildren. Then, she even got accused of breaking her mother-in-law’s heart.

On top of the anger from her husband, though, she has also been forced to deal with outrage from her in-laws. Most notably, they have been calling her a liar and a manipulator.

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