She Told Her 7-Year-Old Stepdaughter Not To Call Her Mom Because It Made Her Uncomfortable, And Now Her Husband Is Furious With Her

Zdenka Darula - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This forty-two-year-old woman met her husband, who is forty-four, about six years ago. And now, they have been married for two years.

She does not just live with her husband, though, because he also has a daughter– who is seven– from a previous marriage.

And apparently, her husband’s last marriage kind of crashed and burned because his ex-wife cheated on him.

So, not only was he hurt by his ex, but his daughter was, too. In fact, his daughter actually barely ever sees her mother now because her husband’s ex is constantly away from home, traveling around the world.

She obviously feels terrible about that, too, particularly since her stepdaughter has not really had a great mother figure in her life to look up to.

“So I have been trying my best to take her out to do girly things and bond with her since her mother is not around to do so,” she revealed.

Recently, though, her efforts to step in and be that consistent woman figure in her stepdaughter’s life ended up making her just uncomfortable. And it all began with her name.

Apparently, in the past, her stepdaughter would always just call her by her first name. While sitting at the table to eat dinner this week, though, her stepdaughter called her “mom” instead.

And honestly, she claimed that the title did not feel right and just made her pretty uncomfortable. So, she shut it down.

Zdenka Darula – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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