She Told Her Family That She Really Can’t Afford To Attend Christmas This Year If They Expect Her To Help Pay For The Food, And They’re All Angry At Her While She’s Just Left Feeling Sad

She says, all in, the food they purchase for Christmas costs slightly more than what you would spend on a normal meal any other day of the year.

When her brother got upset with her about how much the food would cost, she said that maybe they should eliminate something on their menu, and he said they should eliminate the one dish she wanted to make as a treat for herself.

The thing is, this one dish is one of the only things she can eat, whereas every other dish on the menu is something her entire family can enjoy, as they do not have dietary restrictions.

Her brother insisted on only taking off this one dish that she was really looking forward to, which meant she pretty much would only be able to eat salad and potatoes while the rest of their family had tons of dishes to choose from. Her brother then lamented about how all of the food was so pricey, so they really needed to cut out this one specific dish since nobody else would eat it, and it wouldn’t make sense to keep it on the menu.

Quick side note: her brother did this a year ago too, but her mom wouldn’t allow him to take out dishes that did not include her. Last year, her brother accused her of being too emotional and causing problems over the food.

“So, to his opinion, I said that it’s fine. I’ll just not attend and spend Christmas by myself since I can’t afford to pay for the dish since I already provide my main,” she said.

“My brother got mad and said that it’s not what he meant. I replied that this would be the most elegant solution to the problem since the feast would be cheaper and I wouldn’t have to work so hard for a meal I can’t eat…He got super mad at me, while my mother got mad at him and decided to spend Christmas at my place. Now everyone is mad at everyone, but honestly, I’m mainly just sad and feel like I ruined everyone’s Christmas.”

She’s left wondering if it was rude of her to inform her brother that she would be skipping out on Christmas since she can’t afford it.

What do you think?

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