She Told Her Fiancé That His 15-Year-Old Daughter Is Using Her Autoimmune Disease To Manipulate Him, And Now Her Fiancé Is Rethinking Their Entire Engagement

“But, Summer still called when she woke up, before she went to bed, and every few hours in between,” she vented.

Her future stepdaughter also “constantly complained” about missing her fiancé, according to her. However, this was the teen’s first time ever being away from her father since her biological mom left– so it is understandable.

Regardless, after she received a call from Summer’s friend’s mother on day four of the vacation, she decided to step in, and kind of put her foot down.

Apparently, during the conversation, she learned that Summer was not feeling well and actually just wanted to go home early.

She did not really believe that, though, and proceeded to ask the friend’s mother if Summer had a fever, was throwing up or was “actually sick.”

Now, according to her, the mom claimed that Summer did not have a fever and was not vomiting. However, she learned that her future stepdaughter was tired and kept saying that she wanted to go home.

“But I told her to tell Summer to stick it out and call us if she actually gets sick,” she recalled. Yikes.

So, after learning she had said that, Summer apparently decided to go directly to her fiancé. And while talking to him, Summer detailed how she was not feeling well again and also claimed that she said Summer was not allowed to go home.

And if you could not have guessed it, her fiancé was beyond furious. In fact, he reportedly did not even give her a chance to explain herself.

Instead, he kicked her out of the house and left immediately– driving four hours to Summer’s friend’s cabin to pick up his daughter.

Then, even by the time her fiancé got home, the drama was far from over. According to her, he actually claimed that he now needs to rethink their entire relationship.

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