She Told Her In-Laws To Stop Referring To Her As “Mama” Instead Of Her Real Name Because It Felt Like They Were Erasing Her Personal Identity, But Her Husband’s Sisters Ended Up Attacking Her Over It

And this Christmas, it was apparently no different. She claims that from the moment she arrived, she could not escape the “mama” title during plain adult conversations with her in-laws.

So, at one point, after her sister-in-law decided to call her “mama” again, she honestly had enough and decided to address it. She responded, “You know my name is Carmen, right?”

It appears that her sister-in-law did not take the hint, though, and looked at her funny before hitting her with an “Of course, silly.”

She wasn’t going to let the moment pass, though, and honestly wanted to know why everyone treated her like less of a person for being a parent– specifically a mom.

So, she asked her sister-in-law why she kept getting referred to as “mama” instead of her real name. Moreover, she pointed out how it wasn’t like her husband was being called “papa.”

At that point, though, her sister-in-law reportedly just looked at her as though she had two heads before responding, “Um, okay,” and dropping the topic.

But still, the “mama this” and “mama that” shenanigans continued on throughout her entire Christmas celebration. So, after she had finally had enough, she decided to address all of her in-laws once and for all.

More specifically, she asked if everyone would mind calling her by her name instead of her pet title.

“And the same sister-in-law as before did the whole golly-gee doe-eyed thing and said, ‘But you’re such a good mama!” she recalled.

So, at that point, she kind of exploded. First, she told her in-laws that she was not just a mom. Then, she gestured toward the stack of Christmas presents that her husband received and asked why no one had purchased him stuff that said “papa” on it.

“Everything you gave me is somehow related to me being a mom. Why does he get to be his own person?” she added.

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