She Wants To Give Her Eldest Niece Some Of Her Mother’s Jewelry But Not Her Other Two Nieces Because They Are Still Too Young, And Her Brother Thinks That Is Totally Unfair

puhhha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-year-old woman’s mother sadly passed away recently, and the loss was really tough on her.

“I was very close with my mother, and her death hit me hard emotionally,” she recalled.

Amidst the grief, though, she also had to deal with the inheritance that her mother had left behind. Both she and her brother inherited equal parts of her mother’s life savings.

Additionally, because she was her mother’s only daughter, she was left all of her mother’s jewelry. According to her, her mother had a fairly large jewelry collection that was made from various precious gems and metals– making the items very valuable.

The fact that she inherited the jewelry was not a shock to her, though, since she and her mother had actually discussed the items beforehand. And it was during those conversations that she learned her mother’s intentions for the accessories.

“[My mother] told me she wants the jewelry passed down from generation to generation for the women in the family,” she said.

And since her brother has three daughters– who are twenty, fifteen, and eleven years old– she planned to gift her eldest niece some of her grandmother’s jewelry. She also mentioned her decision to her brother.

Telling him might not have been the best idea, though, because he then asked if she would give some jewelry to his other two daughters, too.

And even though she did intend to gift them some pieces, she wanted to wait until they both turned eighteen and finished high school.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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