She Was Convinced Her Roommate Was Using Her Face Wash, So She Weighed The Bottle In Order To Catch Her Before Confronting Her, But Now Her Roommate Is Telling Other People She’s A Psycho

jutaphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman has really sensitive skin, along with acne, so she bought a specific face wash to help her skin.

Although it’s not a prescription face wash, it’s really pricey and difficult to find. Throughout the past couple of months, she’s realized that she’s blowing through it faster than she usually does.

She did mention it to her roommates before asking them to keep an eye on their mail and let her know when her face wash got there, which they did.

“Coincidentally, I noticed my roommate (the only one I share a bathroom with) hadn’t replaced her face wash for weeks, and I got suspicious she was using mine,” she explained.

“So when I left for a two-week vacation last month, I weighed the bottle before leaving (we have a food scale that my roommate has for her diet, and we’ve all explicitly been told we can use it whenever we want).”

“When I left, the face wash weighed 8.3 oz. When I got back, it was 6.9 ounces. I confronted my roommate and asked her nicely that it was my special face wash and to please avoid using it. She denied it vehemently.”

The bottle that her face wash comes in is made of a cloudy material, so it’s not immediately apparent how much of the face wash is left inside.

She’s positive this is why her roommate figured she could skate by with using it, thinking she never would be the wiser.

She then stated to her roommate that she weighed the bottle, and 1.4 ounces of her face wash magically went missing, so she knew her roommate was lying to her and had been using it every single day while she was gone.

jutaphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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