She Went On A Coffee Date With A Guy That She Can Only Classify As Bonkers

It’s definitely odd: he wants to rekindle their relationship, but his first instinct wasn’t to meet in person, rather over the phone? The red flags started flying for Courtney.

They decide to meet at a local coffee shop for a date. After a long parking fiasco that she had to deal with at the parking meter, she finally made it into the shop. To her dismay, he wasn’t quite what she had hoped for. He carried with him an off-putting attitude and bizarre behavior.

“So I walk up, and he’s already sitting down with a drink,” Courtney explained. “He doesn’t get up. He goes, ‘Wow, you’re really dressed up. I’m just chillin’ casual.'”

If you wanted to comment on her outfit, there are better ways of doing it than throwing her a backhanded compliment.

“You could have just said I looked nice,” she said. “This is just how I normally dress–but I’m sorry for doing so.”

She sarcastically emphasized certain points when she retold her thoughts on the situation, clearly, and rightfully put off by his remarks.

“So I’m just awkwardly standing there while he’s still sitting down,” she said. He asks her if she’s going to order anything to drink– he doesn’t offer to pay.

“I’ll go get myself a coffee,” she said. “I get a coffee, I come out, I sit down. He goes, ‘You’re not really feeling me, are you?'”

Now she feels even more uncomfortable with the situation, and especially with that question. She says that she just met him for the first time 5 minutes before, so how is she supposed to feel a connection so quickly?

Regardless, she stays to try to make it work. But it gets weirder still.

“Then I see a tow truck drive up,” she said. To make the date worse, his car is about to be towed because he didn’t park in the right spot, so he has to run out and leave her alone to go and move it.

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