She’s A Delivery Driver Opening Up About How A Customer Came Close To Scamming Her

Meka was confused because that’s not how Instacart operates. The grocery delivery company usually just compensates shoppers for the exact order amount, so in this case, Meka would’ve received at most $8.

When the person started asking for more information to send the gas card to her, Meka hung up the phone and contacted Instacart to report the incident.

Several TikTok users confirmed that this bizarre occurrence was indeed a scam. And some others have experienced similar sketchy events.

“This happened to me on Uber Eats I hung up when they asked for my info,” commented one user.

“Oh, I’ve heard about this, where they’re trying to log into your account and take the money you earned!” stated another.

“I was almost scammed in a very similar way while DoorDashing once,” revealed a third.

Stay safe from scammers this holiday season; don’t give out your info to just anyone!


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