She’s A Surrogate, And She’s Talking About All Of The Things She’s Absolutely Tired Of Hearing From People, Along With The Requirements Of Her Job

She goes on to explain the other requirements for this specific agency. Like you need to be a certain BMI, and your health needs to be good overall. Which is pretty normal.

Also, you have to have at least one healthy pregnancy, no drug use, no use of mental health medications, etc. You also need to be financially stable.

All this means is you have no government assistance like food stamps or Medicaid. And these are just the basic requirements. Yessenia also shared a video about things she hates hearing while being a surrogate.

“Won’t you be attached to the baby? You must be getting paid a lot,” she shared.

Like, first of all, it’s none of their business, and second of all, they make it sound like she’s only being a surrogate for money instead of helping a family have a child. People seem to forget how much the body goes through during pregnancy. The weight gain, the hormones, and the stress of making sure you’re being healthy to ensure that the baby is healthy.

“I could never give up my baby…,” is another thing she hates hearing from people too.

So many people aren’t able to have kids naturally, so they go through agencies and treatments to get the family they want.

And many people out there are willing to help them become parents, and it’s so heartwarming when you see it happen.

You can see more of her videos here.

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