She’s Breaking Down How You Can Get A Guy’s Attention, And It’s Pretty Hysterical

There is so much discourse you can find today on how to get a guy’s attention or how to get someone to like you.

Every single women’s magazine or blog likes to think that they have the best ‘secret’ for getting a guy to be into you.

Whether it be a clever pickup line or a specific flirtatious perfume scent, there are tons of people out there who claim to have the winning formula for catching your next partner.

One TikTok user, in particular, shared her advice on how to get a boy’s attention, and it’s been making tons of people on the internet laugh out loud.

Linda Dong (@leendadong) is a content creator, actress, and basketball player. She makes tons of great and relatable videos about life as a young woman in this day and age.

Her video on getting a guy’s attention has received over 4.5 million likes, and we can see why.

“Well, first, you do absolutely nothing,” says Linda at the start of her video. “Focus on yourself. That’s when a boy will come along and think to themselves, ‘Wow, she’s so happy. Let me go ruin her life.'”

That wasn’t exactly the answer we were expecting!

Linda clearly is taking some inspiration from those who have said that someone came into their life when they least expected it. But of course, in some cases, guys come along at unexpected times only to end up ruining a relationship.

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