She’s Hoping To Be The Very First Woman Of Color To Complete A Journey Across Antarctica, Entirely Alone And Without Support

She organized a lot of different trainings, all while planning her next adventure. She went on hiking and climbing trips in Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Bolivia, Peru, Iceland, and a couple of other places as well.

She has spent her entire adult life thus far as someone who looks for the next adventure, and her family is in full support of her travels.

Her Instagram updates are pretty cool, too, I have to say.

“Phase 2: day 26. Hi everyone. Another decent day, mainly because I had good visibility,” she wrote in one post.

“The days are busy, it feels so nice to get into the tent at the end of the day. You can’t really switch off. I have to melt snow so I can have my dinner, make my check-in call and all my other tent admin, and then go to sleep before doing it all again tomorrow.”

“I am Punjabi and have a very big family, this is a shout-out to some of the younger members of the family. This post goes out to Ammie, Eisha, and the young ones in New Zealand, Jeevan, Isla, Akash, Lottie, and Paneet.”

That was her update as of December 9th, around 9 am Wisconsin time. It’s so cool how consistent she is with her updates to social media.

She’s not just making sure that people know how she’s doing, which is good to do, but I think it might be a way for her to feel a little human contact while she’s crossing the continent.

One of my main questions about why Preet is choosing to do this extremely cold thing is, why? Why would someone cross the coldest place on Earth by themselves? Well, she goes on to explain it a little bit on her website.

“Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth,” she said. “Nobody lives there permanently. When I reached the South Pole earlier this year, I said on my blog post, ‘I don’t want to just break the glass ceiling. I want to smash it into a million pieces.’ I was told no on many occasions, called stubborn or rebellious because I wanted to do things that were out of the norm and push my boundaries.”

“I want to encourage others to push their boundaries, it is amazing how much your world opens up when you start to do so. No boundary or barrier is too small, and I want to continue to smash that glass ceiling.”

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