She’s Pretty Sure A Man Almost Abducted Her Before She Met Up With Her Sister To Go To A Concert

She continued to talk down the alley, trying to get rid of him, but he kept on following her. When she thought she was finally rid of him, she would hear his footsteps.

It wasn’t long before she realized that he wouldn’t stop stalking her and that he could very well harm her.

After making it out of the alleyway, she spotted a man getting out of his house and ran to him for help.

“I hurried up to the man and remember asking him if he could help me because I was scared and felt unsafe because there was someone following me,” she recalls.

“At this point, the scrawny man from the alley had gained on me and was a few feet away from us.”

The man from the alley started lying to the stranger, saying that he was helping her and not to pay any mind to her.

Shockingly, the man in the house told her that he couldn’t help and shut the door on her. Can you believe that?

As she continued to walk, frantic for help, she begged the stalker to leave her alone. He kept telling her that he wasn’t going anywhere and that she would not make it to the concert.

Thankfully, after walking a little further toward the venue, she spotted a group of fans wearing the band’s merchandise. She went up to them and asked if they could walk with her.

They said yes, and eventually, the stalker lost interest. She made it to the venue and reunited with her sister. She was quite shaken up and called the police.

Apparently, they’ve heard bad things about that man in particular before and that he is dangerous. They offered to escort her back to her car after the concert, but disappointingly, no one showed up.

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