She’s Refusing To Let Her Sister-In-Law Bring Different Food To Their Christmas Celebration For The Children Even Though None Of Them Like What Is On Her Planned Menu

“Especially at family holiday gatherings, where it is expected that everyone just eats what is in front of them without complaining,” she added.

Finally, she claimed that being picky is probably just a passing phase for her sister-in-law’s kids, and she advised her sister-in-law to encourage them to suck it up for one dinner since eating different foods would not harm them.

Understandably, though, her sister-in-law tried to explain how kids can just be difficult sometimes.

Plus, the kids would probably just end up either going hungry or feeding on snacks that day when they were inevitably picky over the menu– which her sister-in-law obviously did not want.

So, her sister-in-law ultimately told her that she just does not truly get the situation. In spite of all that, though, she still chose to just apologize and tell her sister-in-law no other food was allowed at the Christmas dinner!

And following that conversation, her husband has since gotten involved and is totally on his sister’s side.

In fact, he has begun accusing her of being inconsiderate toward their guests– because, according to him, they lose out on absolutely nothing by allowing her sister-in-law to bring her kids food and feel comfortable.

Quite frankly, though, she straight-up disagrees– all because her sister-in-law bringing food for the kids just “was not part of her plans.”

“And if anything, this should be a teachable moment for the kids to know that they cannot expect to be catered to all of the time,” she told her husband.

So, as you can imagine, her husband got pretty upset with her and claimed that his sister was already considering pulling out of the Christmas dinner.

Plus, he even said that if she chooses to die on this hill, then she will ruin the holiday celebration for everyone.

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