She’s Sharing Her Strategy For How She Friendzones Guys And It’s Hilarious

Have you ever struggled to tell a guy that you only want to be friends? Or have you clearly told someone you only want to be friends, but he never stopped bugging you?

Well, one TikTok user shared how she finally got a guy to accept his fate in the friend zone.

Allison Venz (@allisonvenz) kept getting Snapchats from a guy that she didn’t want to go out with. He wouldn’t stop messaging her, so she decided to get creative and use the lyrics of an Anne-Marie and Marshmello song to break the news to him.

“Do you wanna go out?” said the guy to Allison via Snapchat.

Using the lyrics to the song “FRIENDS” by musicians Anne-Marie and Marshmello, Allison replied to him with a clever response while in the shower. No, it wasn’t anything naughty. It’s just hilarious.

“Haven’t I made it obvious?” replies Allison, along with a picture of her shampoo-soaked head in the shower.

“What?” replies the guy.

Allison sends him one more Snapchat asking, “Haven’t I made it clear?”

TikTok; pictured above is Allison in her video

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