She’s Sharing Her Strategy For How She Friendzones Guys And It’s Hilarious

In typical obnoxious-guy fashion, he replied asking, “Is that a yes?”

That’s when Allison asked, “Want me to spell it out for you?”

Then she hit him with a series of Snapchats he is sure to never forget.

Allison spelled out the word ‘friends’ by shaping her sudsy hair into the different letters on top of her head one by one and sending pictures of them in individual Snapchats. It’s hysterical.

The best part is Allison’s creative method worked like a charm. Sure enough, the guy replied by saying that she was “too weird” and that he changed his mind about wanting to go out with her.

Now, this doesn’t translate too well with guys that you’re actually into. Allison tried showing a guy that she had a crush on this special trick, and spelled out the word ‘love’ with her hair, and sent lyrics from the infamous Nat King Cole song.

Her crush sent a Snapchat back, asking what goes through her mind on a daily basis. Allison wrote that her crush ended up blocking her. His loss!

Although this shampoo trick might not work on attracting guys, it definitely works on the ones you want to put in their place.

To view the original TikTok video, visit the link here.

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