She’s Thinking It’s Time To Quietly Plan Leaving Her Husband After He Ruined Christmas By Yelling At Her That She’s Not In His League And A Failure For Not Making The Christmas Cookies His Kids Like

She then made an effort to tell her husband that they could spend Christmas together celebrating their relationship instead, and her husband freaked out on her.

“He called me a failure for my inability to make the cookies they usually had, saying that is the reason the kids didn’t stay,” she said.

“He screamed at me that he compromised and married someone not in his league so his kids would have a good mother figure and what good am I if I can’t even do that. Then stuff about all the ways I was lacking physically and that he was stuck with a prude.”

“I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything. I just took my purse and left. I drove to my parents’ house. We were supposed to arrive for dinner, and everyone can see that something’s wrong, but I haven’t told anyone anything. I didn’t want to ruin others’ Christmas. He showed up at dinner time and acted all pleasant and normal. He gave me my gift, some expensive earrings, and has been very charming with my family.”

When they arrived back at their house, her husband went straight to bed, but she stayed up thinking about how impossible it seems to bounce back from what happened and what her husband said to her.

She’s thinking it’s time to quietly start planning to leave her husband. Do you think that’s for the best?

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