She’s Wondering Where All The “Regular Men” Are After Sharing This Weird First Date Story

Let’s be real for a minute. The dating world has shifted drastically from what it used to be 70 years ago. Gone are the days of ice cream socials and school dances. Nobody is meeting the love of their life while jiving on the dance floor.

Online dating has taken off immeasurably since the pandemic in 2019, according to the Vanderbilt College of Arts and Sciences.

Online dating is now our new norm. Not many people meet for the first time in person. Usually, you’re swiping right online before you set up the first date.

But with this, online dating also brings its challenges and its dangers. TikToker @ktcoolll had experience with this phenomenon recently on a date. Luckily she wasn’t in danger, but it was borderline creepy.

“I just went on the worst date ever,” she said. “Like THE WORST date ever.”

As she explains in the video, she had a date set up with a guy, but on the day of, he kept changing the time for them to meet. They eventually decide on a time to meet up that night.

“I finally get to the garage,” she said. “He kind of like tries to get into my car, and I was like, ‘oh no, I’m sorry.'”

His behavior was immediately suspicious, especially since he had never met her before and was trying to get into her car without her permission.

TikTok; pictured above is @ktcoolll in her video

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