This 17-Year-Old Girl’s Dad Expects Her To Get Rid Of Her Dog So His Fiancée And Her Son Can Move In With Them

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This 17-year-old girl’s parents got divorced 5 years ago, and it was pretty ugly. Her mom and dad absolutely hate one another, and they still can’t even manage to get along for the sake of co-parenting her.

So, she does her best not to mention any details of her mom’s life to her dad and vice versa in order to keep the peace, but there was a time when she really struggled to deal with the ugliness between her mom and dad.

“All the fighting and chaos was hard on me and was affecting my mood and school work when it was all going down, so my dad felt bad and let me have a dog to help me feel better,” she explained.

“Someone nearby had malamute puppies, so I picked out one, and his name is Tycho, and he’s my best friend.”

“Even on the weeks I’m with my mom, I stop by after school every day to take him to the dog park to play and get his cuddles in. I love this dog.”

A couple of years ago, her dad started dating a woman named Melanie, and she really doesn’t like her that much.

Melanie has a completely opposite personality from hers, and Melanie is super touchy-feely, which bothers her.

Regardless, she puts her feelings about Melanie aside because Melanie does make her dad really happy.

Melanie also happens to have a 9-year-old autistic son named Ben, who does require accommodations.

sisterspro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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