This Viral TikTok Of One Little Girl Throwing A Temper Tantrum While Opening A Surprise On Christmas Morning Has Got Social Media Users Everywhere In A Heated Debate

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Every year, right after Christmas day passes, our social media feeds are flooded with heartwarming live video reactions of adorable kids unwrapping their holiday presents. And most of the time, these children are beyond grateful for their gifts.

This season alone, I have personally seen tween boys cry over receiving PS5s– which have been notoriously hard to find.

Little girls, too, have expressed their sheer excitement over receiving everything from dolls and playsets to electronics and clothes.

But, it appears that one controversial TikTok has taken the Christmas cake this year, and it involves two young girls– Olivia and Millie– unwrapping suitcases on the holiday morning.

The video was posted on the social media platform by the little girl’s mother, Angela Hare, and captured the entire unwrapping of two large boxes– one for each girl.

It is impossible to know what each of Angela’s daughters thought was inside the boxes. But, after peeling off the wrapping paper, it became clear that her younger daughter, Millie, was pretty disappointed.

The girls ultimately pulled out two brand new suitcases– which, for many, would be a really great gift by itself.

Angela’s older daughter, Olivia, also appeared to stay positive about the gift, even if she was not over the moon about it at first.

Millie, though, started to throw a temper tantrum.

Ekaterina – – illustrative purposes only

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