When Her Twins Turned 18, Her Parents Gifted Each Of Them A Trust Fund, But They Got Her Stepdaughter A Car For Her Birthday, So Her Stepdaughter Is Accusing Them All Of Not Loving Her And Expecting Her To Gift Her A Trust Fund Too

golubovy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 39-year-old woman admits that she comes from an incredibly wealthy background. Throughout her life, she never really had to struggle for a single thing, as her mom and dad handed her everything.

She really did grow up, well, spoiled rotten. Then when she hit her teen years, she partied, did drugs, and drank, all without any consequences.

She was spoiled, after all, and her parents simply never punished her. At 16, she wound up pregnant, and at 17, she welcomed her twins into the world.

She gave birth to one girl and one boy, and her parents supported her every step of the way as she became a teen mom.

“My parents had set up a trust fund for me when I was a kid, and I wasn’t able to access it until I was 18, so when I turned 18, I moved out and got a condo,” she explained.

“I only used my trust fund whenever it was for my kids, rent, or essentials around the house. I also took some out and put it in an emergency fund. I got a job at my dad’s company, so I was able to live comfortable but not keep up with the lifestyle I grew up with.”

“When I was 31, I met my now husband and his daughter, who was four years younger than my kids. Me and my husband dated for about four years, then we got married two months before my twins’ birthday.”

Well, when her twins did turn 18, her own parents generously gifted them a trust fund each. In both accounts sat $200,000.

Her twins are currently 22, and they are doing wonderfully for themselves. She likes to believe she played an enormous part in raising them to be so successful, as her parents didn’t really teach her how to do that.

golubovy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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