When Her Twins Turned 18, Her Parents Gifted Each Of Them A Trust Fund, But They Got Her Stepdaughter A Car For Her Birthday, So Her Stepdaughter Is Accusing Them All Of Not Loving Her And Expecting Her To Gift Her A Trust Fund Too

Fast forward to now; her stepdaughter just celebrated her 18th birthday. For months now, her stepdaughter has been going on and on about how excited she is to get a trust fund, as she knows that was the gift her twins got for their 18th birthdays.

The thing is, she had no clue if her parents would do the same thing for her stepdaughter, and she was shocked her parents even did that for her own kids in the first place.

She honestly told her stepdaughter that she was not entirely certain her parents would gift her the same thing, and her husband jumped in to help temper expectations.

Her husband reminded his daughter not to simply think she would be getting a trust fund too, but that didn’t curb her stepdaughter’s enthusiasm any.

“Now, when her birthday came around, she did get money, just not the trust fund from my parents; instead, they gave her a car,” she said.

“But to say she is disappointed is an understatement. She said we didn’t love her because she wasn’t blood and that we’ve always treated her differently because she wasn’t my daughter. Which wasn’t true. I loved her some the day I met her, and I’ve always treated her like she was one of mine.”

“She then asked me why didn’t I tell her she wasn’t getting a trust fund since that was all she was talking about. I told her I didn’t know if she was getting one or not. She then told me that I should’ve made one for her myself. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t possible, but she didn’t want to listen to me and just said she hated me.”

She’s left wondering if she’s a jerk for not putting money together to gift her stepdaughter a trust fund.

What do you think?

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