While Staying At Her Sister’s House, Her Teen Daughter Was Asked To Help Out In A Pinch By Preparing Pizza And Peanut Butter Sandwiches For Dinner, But She Told Her Sister Off For Trying To Use Her Daughter As A “Private Chef” 

Even at sixteen-years-old, though, Leah apparently had no clue how to do any of that. So, her daughter texted Sarah back and said no, and Sarah reportedly got pretty angry.

Her sister then began texting Leah a few more times, reiterating that all of the ingredients were in the fridge, that the items were super easy to make, and claiming that anybody could do it.

Surprisingly, though, Leah still simply said no to her aunt, and Sarah just never responded to that text.

The drama was just getting started, though, because, by the time she got home, she found Leah pretty upset.

“And Leah told me what happened and that Sarah went off at her,” she said.

Apparently, she sympathized with her daughter after hearing that and honestly got a little mad at her sister Sarah.

She believes that sure, Sarah could ask her daughter for help. However, she does not think Leah should be penalized for feeling uncomfortable with making “a full dinner.”

So, once Sarah finally arrived home, she told her sister that her daughter was pretty distraught. Then, she kind of told Sarah off.

“[I said that] she has no right going off at my daughter and that she is delusional if she thinks Leah is her personal chef,” she vented. Yikes!

And, of course, Sarah became pretty furious with her after that. So, following the argument, she and her sister did not really talk much.

She and Leah also left the next day to go back to their house anyway.

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