You Probably Have Never Caught This Error In The Filming Of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” Starring Jim Carrey

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Everyone knows and loves the original cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, which was released over fifty-six years ago on December 18, 1966.

But, after Jim Carrey embodied the green grump himself and brought the fictional character to life in a 2000 live-action adaption of the Dr. Seuss tale, both children and adults everywhere were hooked.

First of all, kiddos got to watch in awe as they were transported to Whoville, the little community that dwelled inside the tiniest of snowflakes.

And everything from the hairdos and holiday traditions to the characters themselves was beyond whimsical.

Plus, there was plenty of adult humor for parents everywhere to enjoy– most of which flew right over young kids’ heads.

Take Martha May Whovier, Mayor Augustus Maywho, and the Grinch’s love triangle, for instance. Even in Whoville, it appears that power struggles and promiscuity are still thriving.

So, this iteration of the film was a grand slam from the start. At the box office, the movie raked in over three hundred and forty-five million dollars.

And now, even twenty-two years later, it continues to reign supreme as one of the world’s most rewatched Christmas classics.

If you are a total How The Grinch Stole Christmas fanatic, you might have even noticed that there was actually a mistake made during filming that producers either did not catch or care to edit after the fact. And if you did not catch the error, you will never be able to miss it again.

annmirren – – illustrative purposes only

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