You Probably Have Never Heard Of This American Serial Killer, But He Still Has A List Of Unidentified Victims, And The FBI Has Released A Meticulous Map Of His Whereabouts Prior To His Death With The Hope That You Might Be Able To Help Crack These Cases

He was honorably discharged in July of 2001, though, and afterward, he went to stay on the Makah Reservation– where the mother of his daughter lived.

While Israel was in the army, he did receive a DUI. But, aside from that, the young man got into no other trouble with the law.

Unknown Killer

Israel evaded public suspicion for a long time. He specifically targeted victims who he happened to cross paths with instead of seeking out people that matched a specific profile. And he knew that this method worked to his advantage.

So, Israel would usually wait in areas like cemeteries, parks, or campgrounds for a possible victim to emerge.

“Not as much to choose from, in a matter of speaking. But there’s also no witness, really. There’s no one else around,” he reportedly confessed to authorities.

Israel also took to the road to continue his killings. Back in 2011, he actually flew to Chicago and then drove to Vermont to murder Lorraine and Bill Currier. And this was not out of the ordinary for him.

Israel actually had a history of making various trips that covered a ton of ground throughout the United States. In turn, he had countless opportunities to seek out victims both in the states and during his foreign journeys to regions such as Mexico, Canada, and Belize.

His killing sprees were also planned and meticulous. While crisscrossing the country, Isreal would actually plant groups of murder equipment– including guns, ammunition, and chemicals that destroyed bodies. Then, wherever and whenever Israel wanted to kill a victim, he would dig up his stash of tools.

Israel did not just think up this detailed plan of action by himself, either. He actually studied how FBI profilers conducted their work and also read up on other serial killers, such as Ted Bundy.

According to Maureen Callahan, who penned the 2019 book American Predator, Israel might have even made physical alterations to his body in hopes of becoming a “better killer.” He reportedly went to a plastic surgery clinic in Mexico, where he was fitted with a gastric band.

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