A Guy Asked Her Out And She Turned Him Down, But After Her Friend Said He Had Money, She Agreed To Let Him Take Her Out For Dinner Because She Likes That He’s Rich

This 21-year-old girl got asked out by a 30-year-old guy not that long ago. He ended up asking her out while she was at a tiny breakfast spot located by the apartment where her friend lives.

Since she did not find this guy attractive at all, she turned him down and said she didn’t want to go on a date with him.

A month after this incident in the breakfast spot, she spotted this guy walking out of the apartment building where her friend lives.

He then climbed into a very flashy BMW. She then went to her friend and asked if she knew this guy at all, and her friend informed her that this guy is actually her landlord.

She mentioned to her friend that her landlord had asked her out on a date, and her friend couldn’t hold back her excitement as she demanded to have more information.

“I told her I said no, and she said I fumbled it,” she explained. “I asked what he’s like, and she said he’s pretty chill, responds quickly, and doesn’t bother her or her roommates otherwise. She said he owns a few condos in the complex and rents them out per room to college students. We live in a college town of a pretty big university.”

“She then showed me his Instagram. Judging by the pictures, he has a really nice house and vacations at a bunch of exotic-looking places. I found him more attractive after knowing that. Does that make me a bad person?”

“I wasn’t physically attracted to him on sight, but there is nothing wrong with him. He’s an average-looking guy; he’s tall and looks like he works out. But I didn’t have that “OMG, he’s so hot!” kind of reaction on first seeing him.”

A couple of days ago, she saw her friend’s landlord at the breakfast spot, and he shot her a smile before saying hello.

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