Cajun Pasta Is About To Be Your Game Day Go-To

TikTok - @angelarceneaux

There’s so much to love about Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you’re an avid sports fan or just attending the social event of the season, there is something at the party for everyone.

Between the epic halftime show, wacky commercials, and bonding time with friends and family, the fun never ends.

Plus, there’s always the best food around. To me, it’s the highlight of the whole event. But if you’re not sure what food to make for game day, we’ve got your back.

This cajun pasta is a Super Bowl must-have that will have your guests eagerly stuffing their faces while their eyes are glued to the TV.

And when your favorite team scores a touchdown, you’ll want to celebrate with another bowl full of the scrumptious, savory noodles.

TikToker Angel Arceneaux (@angelarceneaux) has a super easy recipe for some delicious cajun pasta.

Your night is sure to be a winning success if you’ve got this dish on the menu. It’s the perfect idea for hosts who want to keep the spread simple yet deliciously memorable.

So let’s get into the recipe! First, cook two packages of smoked sausage in a pan. Once they’re finished cooking, set them aside and sauté half of a diced onion in the same pan.

Add a tablespoon of minced garlic.

Then, transfer everything, including the sausages, to a bigger pot. Next, add two and a half cups of chicken broth, a half cup of heavy whipping cream, a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Mix everything together.

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