Cookie Balls Are A Great Treat To Make With Your Kids For Valentine’s Day

TikTok - @kristyncole

To children, V-Day is all about the yummy sweets. Of course, all kids love desserts–cake, cookies, candy–you name it.

So get your kids into the kitchen to help make treats for Valentine’s Day! They should be part of the fun too.

Whether you’re preparing a snack for your kids to share at school or just wanting to create a merry family activity, whipping together a batch of goodies with your little ones is a great opportunity for them to learn about the ins and outs of the kitchen.

TikToker Kristyn Cole (@kristyncole) has an easy Valentine’s Day recipe for some sweet-tasting cookie balls.

The kids will enjoy getting their hands dirty and rolling out the balls of dough. But they’ll love eating the sugary treats even more.

Kristyn created these cookie balls on a whim, unsure how they would turn out. But luckily for her, everything worked out just fine, and now she and her kids can’t stop eating this delicious dessert.

These cookie balls rival Starbucks’ cake pops. And they’re much more affordable too! The best part is that you can simply use the frosted sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles from the store.

So grab a pack of those, and let’s get started!

Throw several of the cookies into a bowl, along with a block of cream cheese. Combine the ingredients using a mixer.

Then, form the dough into little balls and allow them to sit in the refrigerator for a short while.

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