He Is Refusing To Bring His Ex-Wife To His Son’s Wedding As His Plus-One, And Both His Ex-Wife And His Sister Think It Is Really Unfair 

romannoru - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man has two children– a son who is 22-years-old and a daughter who 18. But, about six years ago, his daughter ended up catching his wife with another man.

At that point, his daughter was stunned and decided to confide in his son. Then, after learning what happened, his son realized how serious the situation was, and they both told him the truth.

After verifying that his wife had, in fact, cheated on him, he ultimately went through a divorce. Plus, during the divorce hearing, both of his children expressed a desire to primarily stay with him.

So, he was given primary custody, and his then-ex-wife was allowed to have the children for one week each month. She also ended up moving with the other guy.

Since then, he has tried his best to cut his ex-wife out of his life. Their communication is very limited– consisting of the bare minimum that is needed to coordinate custody arrangements and handle their shared expenses.

He also made sure never to discuss their relationship with the children– even though his ex claimed that, after the divorce, the kids were “giving her hell.” This even pushed his ex to tell him that he needed to talk with their children.

He did sit down with his son and daughter at that point to ask if what his ex had said was true. Then, he learned that the kids really just did not want to stay at their mother’s house anymore.

“But, I explained that it would be best for everyone if they remained civil until they turned 18 so we wouldn’t have to go back to court,” he recalled.

Plus, he never heard any more complaints from his children after that. So, he thought that everything had been going fine.

romannoru – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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