He Just Found Out That His Girlfriend Has Been Secretively Speaking To Other Guys, Using Dating Apps, And Trying To Get Asked Out On Dates

irinaneva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old guy met his 34-year-old girlfriend as she was going through a divorce from her husband.

He has to say that since they met, their relationship has been nothing but amazing, and they’re actually on vacation right this minute at Disney.

Now, at first, his girlfriend said to him that she was not interested in jumping into another relationship with the very first man she came across as a single woman.

She insisted that she wanted to go on a lot of dates, and he really did get where she was coming from.

Although, after a couple of months of him seeing her while she was adamant about seeing other guys, too, they made their relationship official.

“Since then, I’ve met her family and friends, she’s met mine, and we’re all over social media as a couple,” he explained.

“She texts my parents all the time, for example.” So yes, it does appear that things are pretty serious between them, especially if she has that kind of a close relationship with his own parents.

But anyway, back to their current vacation; throughout it, he has been carrying around a portable charger for their phones, and he realized his girlfriend was being strange about her own.

She was being kind of defensive about it, and he figured that had to be some kind of a red flag.

irinaneva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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