He Refused To Let His Friend And His Friend’s Fiancé Move In With Him After They Encountered Some Financial Struggles, And Now He Is Getting Accused Of Being A Terrible Person

“Also, living alone makes it easier to bring girls over.”

So, he attempted to tell Tom and Kat about his reservations, and it did not go as well as he had hoped. In fact, his friends actually became pretty angry.

First, they accused him of being selfish for not wanting to make any sacrifices for them. Then, they claimed that a true friend would want to help out.

Anyway, at that point, he figured that he needed to tell Tom and Kat “the blunt truth.” More specifically, he revealed that he would have no problem helping out Tom. After all, Tom works full-time and would definitely respect his space.

Quite frankly, though, he just did not want Kat to live with him for a few reasons. Primarily, she does not currently work– which means she will be inside his home a lot more than he is. Second, she has “inside dogs.”

“And I don’t want that at all,” he added.

Finally, he kind of spilled the beans about a private conversation he had with Tom and was honest about Kat’s behavior.

More specifically, he admitted that Tom had spoken to him privately about their relationship. So, he claimed to know that Tom gets frustrated whenever he comes home from work and still has to complete most of the chores and prepare dinner, rather than Kat taking care of it.

“I also told Kat that she is lucky she is with someone who tolerates her and loves her, but I am not like Tom. I’m not dealing with it,” he said. Yikes!

After that, Kat ended up breaking down into tears and accused him of being evil. He also apologized to Tom about the whole thing.

Regardless, this incident happened late last year. So, ever since then, Tom and Kat have been living with Kat’s parents.

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