He Was Expected To Pay For And Cook All Of The Food For His Brother’s Wedding, With Over Two Hundred And Fifty Guests

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While most people celebrated a cozy and festive Christmas with their loved ones, this man got an absolute bomb dropped on him by his brother. More specifically, he found out that his brother finally decided to get married to his long-time girlfriend.

Now, you might be wondering, ‘What’s so wrong with his brother getting married?” Well, it’s not the wedding that is the issue, per se– it’s the fact that his brother expected his entire family to foot the bill.

Apparently, this tragic tale stems all the way back to when he and his brother were eighteen years old.

After they officially became legal adults, they each received an inheritance from their family– mostly in the form of stocks.

Unfortunately, though, his brother reportedly blew his inheritance on cryptocurrency and ended up losing it all.

So, now that it’s time for his brother to get married, his brother wants everyone in the family to pitch in and cover specific expenses.

And since he actually worked in the upscale restaurant industry for many years– once even being sous for a James Beard award-winning chef– his brother wanted him to take charge of the meal.

It did take some pressure from his parents to get him to accept the responsibility. But, eventually, he caved and decided to handle the food.

Just last week, though, his brother called him up to give him all of the details. And by the end of the call, he was absolutely floored.

vectorfusionart – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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