Her Boyfriend Acts More Like He’s Single Than With Her, And It’s Causing Her To Constantly Compare Him To Her Ex

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old girl has been dating her 23-year-old boyfriend for 8 months, and a few days ago, she said she would hang out with her boyfriend at his house last night.

Since he’s still in college, he does live with his parents, and she lives about half an hour away from him if she drives or an hour away if she gets on the train.

But, when yesterday rolled around, and it was time for her to hang out with him, she didn’t feel up to it at all and had to call him to hype herself up to even get on the train.

The thing is, she doesn’t really enjoy going to her boyfriend’s house to spend time with him because he acts as if she’s not really with him.

“For example: when I arrive, he just goes and sits at his desk and continues doing what he was doing, and I am left there with nothing to do (after some cuddles, of course),” she explained.

“Also, when he wakes up, he just starts his day without thinking about me, goes downstairs without telling me anything and, eats his breakfast, goes for a run,… meanwhile, I am in his bed, not knowing where he is and not capable of starting my day.”

“So that’s the reason why I wasn’t very excited to go to his house, but after the call, I went to his house anyways because I missed him. Even though he has a car and it’s only a 30mins drive for him, he wasn’t feeling like coming to my house.”

After she made it to his house, they were intimate, but he didn’t really focus on her, so she just felt ridiculously clingy for the rest of the evening.

She kept trying to cuddle, but her boyfriend wasn’t interested and even asked her to give him space, so she did that.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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