Her Bridesmaid Tried To Walk Down The Aisle In The Wrong-Colored Dress And Refused To Change, So She Kicked Her Bridesmaid Out And Is Now Dealing With The Rest Of Her Bridal Party, Who Thinks She Was Too Harsh

andrii kobryn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This twenty-three-year-old woman’s wedding was on Saturday, December 31. And since it was frigid where she lived, she decided to have a winter-themed wedding.

Her color scheme was forest green and gold– with the bridesmaids wearing forest green dresses. Her maid of honor’s dress was black, her dress was white, and all of the other guests were instructed to wear gold accessories.

Now, she did have one friend named Kat, who she asked to be a bridesmaid. But, from the start, it appeared that her friend was going to make the event a bit difficult.

Apparently, it all began when they went dress shopping, and she informed her bridal party of the color scheme she had chosen.

Rather than being excited, though, Kat “immediately” told her that forest green would be a bad choice.

Her friend claimed that it just was not a flattering color. Moreover, Kat told her she should pick out something that was “more girly.”

Quite frankly, though, she told Kat no. After all, her wedding was winter-themed, and she thought that forest green went perfectly with her vision.

Still, Kat did not lay off and kept pushing her to pick a different color.

“Kat suggested pink, blue, and even red. I said no, but thanks for your opinion,” she recalled.

andrii kobryn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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