Her Family Is Furious That She Agreed To Be Her Sister’s Maid Of Honor Because Her Sister Is Not Interested In Forging A Relationship With Her Stepsiblings Or Stepmom

shunevich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This past Christmas, a young woman went to spend the holiday with her older sister and her sister’s partner.

Then, on December 25, her sister was proposed to. She also got asked to be her sister’s maid of honor that same day, and she happily accepted the responsibility.

But, she claims that as soon as her dad and stepmother found out she accepted the role, they were furious.

Apparently, this all stems back to how she and her sister lost their mother when they were very young. In fact, she was just six-years-old, and her sister was nine.

Then, one year later, her father met another woman and ended up getting remarried. Along with a new stepmom, though, she also gained three stepsiblings.

Her stepmom shared custody of her two sons– who were thirteen and eleven at the time. Her stepmom also had sole custody of her seven-year-old daughter, who had no father.

Now, she claims to love her stepmom and stepsister. And even though she does not know her stepbrothers that well, she still considers them family anyway.

Her sister, on the other hand, reportedly felt differently and never really cared for any of them.

“She was distant with them and favored her relationship with me,” she said.

shunevich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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