Her Future Mother-In-Law Has Been “Supervising” Her Wedding Planning And Is Trying To Dictate What Makeup Looks Are Acceptable For Her Big Day, So She Called Her Fiancé Delusional For Thinking She Would Let His Mother Dictate Her Look

vickyrandom - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is currently engaged, and she and her fiancé have been planning their wedding. But, it appears that throughout every part of the process, her future mother-in-law has continued to butt in.

Apparently, her fiancé grew up in a very conservative household. So, his mother decided to involve herself in the wedding planning and give herself the role of “supervisor.”

Her mother-in-law believed this was necessary in order to oversee and “catch and eliminate” any elements of her big day that might be viewed as “offensive.”

And, if you could not have guessed, this arrangement has already caused some problems.

The first issue had to do with her “wedding dress fiasco,” in which her mother-in-law told her to find a dress that did not show off too much skin. Plus, more recently, she and her in-laws have been battling over her wedding makeup options.

It all began after she recently found a few potential makeup looks online and decided to show them to her fiancé.

Then, to her surprise, her fiancé literally gasped and claimed that his mother would “have a stroke” after seeing the looks she was considering.

So, at that point, she was pretty frustrated– especially after the whole wedding dress debacle– and asked her fiancé what she should do. But, she never could have expected what would happen next.

Apparently, she then started receiving messages from her future mother-in-law with potential makeup looks.

vickyrandom – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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