Her Parents Are Accusing Her Of Being A Freeloader Because She Lives With Them But Just Stopped Paying Rent

Iona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl has recently found herself diagnosed with a gaming addiction as well as depression.

She is able to keep a great job making a lot of money, but she still ended up moving in with her mom and dad so that she could save more.

She really wants to have enough money together to afford a downpayment on a home, and she also thought it would be good to move back in with her parents because they are worried about her.

“To be frank, I have no hobbies other than gaming, and the only social life I have is playing games with IRL and online friends,” she explained.

“However after I graduated university and came back, my parents elected to smash one of my monitors, cut my ethernet cord and now physically taken my PC due to arguments over my gaming habits.”

“After work, I come home and play games until I sleep, and over on the weekends, I play games the entire day.”

Her parents took her PC about 2 weeks ago, and they will not give it back to her, despite her psychologist weighing in and saying it’s harming her more than helping her.

Her psychologist even went so far as to write a letter directly to her parents, which they just ignored.

Her parents have since called her a child for her lack of control over her gaming, but she doesn’t see how she’s childish at all, as she is completely capable of keeping her job.

Iona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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