Her Roommate Kept Loudly FaceTiming Family Very Late At Night Even Though She Asked For Peace And Quiet, So After Her Roommate Did It Again The Night Before A Big Interview, She Screamed At Her Roommate

For some reason, though, her roommate simply refuses to do that and claims that headphones would “ruin the experience.” Jane also refuses to FaceTime her family during the day since they would all be asleep.

So, at that point, she just asked her roommate to try to be quieter since the calls kept waking her up, and she had to get up early for work in the morning. Jane also seemed to understand that, too.

“But she didn’t seem eager to fix the problem and kept changing the subject after that,” she said.

Then, earlier this past week, she had an interview over Zoom for a very exciting internship that would be really helpful for her career.

And she knew that the interview was going to be in the morning, so she made her roommates aware about a week in advance and asked if they could ensure that the house was quiet on the day of.

Moreover, she asked her roommates if they would be quiet the night before, too. That way, she could get a good night’s sleep and feel prepared for her interview in the morning.

Well, come the evening before her interview, none of that happened– because at about 12:00 a.m., Jane began very loudly Facetiming with family right in the living room. So, she ended up being woken up, and obviously, she was not happy.

Still, she kept her composure, went into the living room, and asked her roommate to please keep it down.

And at that point, Jane reassured her that she would and claimed she and her family were just saying goodbye.

So, for about 10 minutes afterward, she got some peace and quiet again. Then, out of nowhere, she claims that Jane and her family began “shrieking at each other again.”

This forced her to get out of bed for a second time and ask her roommate to keep it down. She also expressed how stressed out she was about getting up early, and Jane ended up apologizing and promising to be quiet again.

Well, if you could not have guessed, she ended up getting woken up for a third time at about 1:00 a.m. And at that point, she was completely over her roommate’s behavior.

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