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Here’s A Recipe For A Valentine’s Day Treat That You Can Make For Your Dog

TikTok - @thehuskyfam

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a special dessert we often enjoy on the day of love. However, chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs, so they can’t indulge in the usual fare.

But that doesn’t mean they should be left out of the festivities. They deserve to be celebrated just as much as any human in your life.

Show your love and appreciation to your furry canine friend this Valentine’s Day by making these homemade dipped strawberry dog treats.

TikToker @thehuskyfam has the perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day themed dipped strawberries for your dogs.

And this treat is free of chocolate and any other toxic ingredients.

Start by grabbing a handful of strawberries and cutting the tops off. Scoop out the guts of the strawberries.

Rather than disposing of them, let your dog take care of the waste.

Next, take a piping bag and put a spoonful of banana-flavored peanut butter into it. Pipe the peanut butter into the center of each strawberry.

For the dip, add half a cup of carob chips and two teaspoons of coconut oil into a bowl. Then, microwave it in thirty-second intervals until the mixture has melted.

If you don’t know what carob chips are, they are an alternative to chocolate chips. They are also safe for dogs to consume.

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