His 22-Year-Old Daughter Wants To Get Married To A 30-Year-Old Guy He Seriously Disapproves Of, So He Is Refusing To Give Them Any Money For Their Wedding

arekmalang - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has three daughters, and his eldest two– who are 29 and 27-years-old– are happily married with families of their own.

He also supported both of their weddings and even footed the bill– with each wedding costing around $20,000.

His 22-year-old youngest daughter, however, is currently seeing a guy who she believes is “the one.” Quite frankly, though, he just is not a fan of the guy.

Apparently, his daughter’s boyfriend is 30-years-old and had not lived on his own until moving in with his daughter about six months ago.

Aside from that, he believed that the couple moving in together was a bad idea for yet another reason– the fact that they had only been dating for three months at the time.

Nonetheless, they did it anyway. And since then, his concerns about his daughter’s boyfriend have only grown.

He claims that the boyfriend has gone through two jobs during the past six months and is now unemployed.

“[Her boyfriend] was fired from both and had a ton of stories about how it was everyone else’s fault in both cases,” he said.

His daughter’s boyfriend also reportedly had a lot of excuses about why he could never move out of his mother’s house.

arekmalang – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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