His 5-Year-Old Daughter Wanted To Order Lobster While They Were Out At Dinner But He Said No, And Then His Brother Called Him Out For Not Letting His Daughter Have It

He didn’t want to get into an argument with his brother, so he didn’t say anything back; he simply let out a sigh.

For the remainder of dinner, everything was strained between him and his brother. Meanwhile, his daughter pouted and wouldn’t eat a bite of her lasagna, despite him telling her that it would be the only thing available for her to eat until they got back home in several hours.

“When I got home, my husband asked why our daughter was so grumpy, so I told him what was up,” he continued.

“He doesn’t really like my brother, which is why he didn’t want to come along for anyone wondering. He didn’t necessarily agree nor disagree with my decision per se but thinks I shouldn’t have directly told our daughter that because she wouldn’t be grumpy and pouty now.”

He’s left wondering if he should have let his 5-year-old daughter order lobster after all. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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