His Son’s Teacher Was Only Addressing His Girlfriend During A Parent-Teacher Conference, So He Asked To Be Spoken To Also As His Son’s Father, And Now His Brother-In-Law Thinks He Overreacted

So, Venus ultimately agreed to go to the parent-teacher conference with him before Christmas break. And at first, the couple was excited to attend together for Nathan’s sake.

But then, during the meeting, he started to realize that his son’s teacher was only really speaking to his girlfriend. In fact, he claims that the teacher was only making eye contact with Venus and directed all of the conversations toward her.

And understandably, he found that quite annoying. He admitted to knowing that traditionally, the “primary parents are women.” However, Nathan’s teacher is well aware that he is a single father and Nathan’s sole guardian.

Venus apparently noticed the disconnect, too, and attempted to redirect the conversation toward him on numerous occasions. He also asked a few questions about his son as well.

Still, though, he claims that Nathan’s teacher would only speak to him for a couple of seconds. Then, she would go right back to conversing with Venus.

So, after a while of trying to let it slide, he realized that his son’s teacher was not getting the hint, and he finally spoke up for himself.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I am Nathan’s father, and I would appreciate it if you spoke to me,” he told the teacher.

Now, the teacher was reportedly taken aback and seemed a bit irritated, according to him. Nonetheless, his comment worked, and the teacher only spoke to him for the rest of the parent-teacher conference.

After that whole incident, he also decided to tell his brother-in-law about what had happened. While speaking with him, though, he was shocked to learn that his brother-in-law actually believed he had overreacted.

Apparently, his brother-in-law agreed that it could be annoying when teachers only speak to the women present during parent-teacher conferences. But, his brother-in-law claimed that it was not out of malice but merely a force of habit since “mothers tend to be more involved than fathers.”

He also got accused of making the situation more complicated by agreeing to bring Venus along. So, his brother-in-law essentially told him he was a jerk for deciding to interrupt the teacher and making her feel like she had done something wrong.

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