How To Burn Sage And Cleanse Your Space Of Negative Energy

Now, in order to prepare for the actual act, you will need a few tools. Primarily, you will need to purchase sage as well as a vessel for burning. Additionally, you will need a fire source– such as a candle or match– and a fanning tool.

The fanning tool is not necessary for all instances. However, it might be helpful if you are looking to sage a large area, like your office or your entire home.

Steps For Sage-Burning

Once you have all of the required tools, you can get started burning your sage. But, it is important to remember to open a window or door first. This will help both negative energy and smoke escape your humble abode.

Next, before you set fire to your sage, take a moment to reflect on what exactly you are trying to release from your home. Setting intentions is a critical aspect of sage burning, so be as specific as possible.

Afterward, you can settle on a short mantra to repeat while you sage your space. This mantra should symbolize your intention.

Once you have a mantra in mind, hold your sage at a 45-degree angle and light it using a candle or match. Then, let it burn for about 20 seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Afterward, you should see orange embers, and smoke should start to billow.

At this point, you should begin slowly walking around your home and allowing the smoke to spill throughout your space. As you walk, you can also guide the smoke, and any negative energy, toward an open door or window to escape.

Throughout this process, it is critical to remain present and make safety a top priority. If any orange embers fall on the group while you walk, put them out immediately. Also, never leave burning sage unattended, and try not to inhale too much smoke.

Finally, once you feel that your space has been properly cleansed, you can extinguish a sage stick by pressing the tip firmly into any dirt, sand, or fireproof vessel.

Just remember to never use water for extinguishing– because that can ruin the tip of your sage stick and make it much more difficult to light during your next sage-burning session.

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