People Open About What They Wish Others Knew About Their Disability Or Illness

Anxiety Syndrome Can Be Debilitating

“One of my illnesses is anxiety syndrome, and I don’t just worry a little. It is handicapping. It’s catastrophic thoughts.”

“I know I am often irrational, but oftentimes, it does not help to tell myself so. The anxiety is still there. Also, it can come out of nowhere for no reason.” –Sexychronicpain

So, if you know someone who suffers from anxiety syndrome, do not write their feelings off as illogical or unnecessary.

Rather, just be there for them and ask how you can help them battle these overwhelming thoughts.

Not All People Are Like Sheldon Cooper From “The Big Bang Theory”

“Not all of us are good with computers. We are not all Sheldon Coopers, Shaun Murpheys, Forrest Gumps, or Raymond Babbitts.” –Firespark7

At The Same Time, Some People Just Need A Minute To Process Their Thoughts

“I promise I’m not stupid, lazy, not listening, or uninterested. I ask to repeat things because my auditory processing is really awful, and it is hard to conceptualize instructions in my head unless they are written down in front of me and walked through with an instructor or colleague.” –Minitature_ranni

Sometimes, People Also Have To Live With Their Ailments Forever

“It is INCURABLE! I have a type of cancer that is treatable for life but incurable. People are always telling me, ‘You will beat this!’ Actually, I won’t– not until I die, anyway. And I’m not ready for that.” –Life-Two9562

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