She Feels Incredibly Guilty Because Her Best Friend Has Been Secretly Sleeping With Her Sister’s Husband And Is Currently Pregnant

sergiubirca - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 23-year-old girl has an older sister named Gwen, who is 38. A decade ago, Gwen got married to her 39-year-old husband named Jacob, and they have children together.

Now, about 3 years ago, she began inviting her 21-year-old best friend Ellie to hang out with her family more and more.

Ellie’s mom passed away in 2020, and she felt bad for Ellie. She asked Ellie to come to all of her family parties, holiday parties, and other things to include her and make Ellie feel like she does have a family.

Well, a couple of days ago, Gwen ended up finding text messages on Jacob’s phone, revealing that he’s been secretly sleeping with Ellie.

If this isn’t bad enough, it seems that Ellie is possibly pregnant. This absolutely destroyed Gwen to learn all of this, and she scooped up her kids and went to stay with their mom and dad.

After spending a couple of days with their mom and dad, Gwen moved back home and made Jacob move into the apartment in their garage.

Gwen’s children are super attached to Jacob, so that has made it difficult on Gwen to cut him out of their lives completely, especially since the kids couldn’t stop crying and asking about Jacob.

“My sister asked me to talk to Ellie,” she explained. “To find out as much of her side as we can. She is pregnant, and apparently, she and Jacob have been “dating” for a while.”

“He told her my sister had had a drinking problem and was emotionally abusive to him and the kids. I told her that was all a lie and if she really thought that was true, why wouldn’t she talk to me about it?? She said she thought I’d lie for my sister.”

sergiubirca – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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