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She Hasn’t Seen Her Husband For A Few Weeks, So She Documented Her Wifey Glow-Up To Surprise Him When They Reunited

freebird7977 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

What do you do when your husband is gone for almost a month? You go through an extensive glow-up to surprise him when he comes back home, according to TikToker Alyse Carolyn, @alysecarolyn.

“My husband and I are about to not see each other for about three weeks,” she explained. “So I’m going to go on a three-week glow-up journey because I want to look so hot when he sees me again.”

Her glow-up journey spans over 5 parts on her TikTok channel. It consists of a list in her notes app of all of the things that she wants to get done for herself over the three weeks that she has alone, before he returns.

“First stop is something that I’ve never done before–Xeomin,” she said. “Xeomin is a Botox alternative that I was told is really great for beginners because you can’t build a tolerance to it.”

All of the things on her list weren’t as drastic as the Xeomin treatment. Most of them were normal everyday beauty regimens that you’d get done regularly.

“Today I’m getting waxed,” she said in the Part 2 video. “I came out of that appointment feeling one hundred percent cleaner.”

The different glow-up steps that she chose to go through included things like leg and nose waxing, an eyelash lift, and a pedicure.

“Today, I’m getting a lash lift,” she said. “This is one that just makes me feel so good.”

It finally started to sink in for her near the end of three weeks how long the whole process had been, but she stuck to her schedule and moved on to getting her pedicure next.

freebird7977 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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