She Won’t Bail Her Sister Out Of Jail Because Her Sister Manipulated Their Mother’s Will And Took The Lion’s Share Of The Estate

Apparently, her sister asked her to sign some paperwork from a probate attorney. That way, her sister would be able to sell the house before it reached foreclosure.

“But after finding out that she no longer had the will and had never filed probate, [the probate attorney] advised me not to sign, so the money for the sale of the house would go to probate and then be divided evenly between us,” she explained.

However, it turns out that her sister recently got arrested, and the call she received was regarding her sister’s bail– which is over twenty thousand dollars.

Now, she claims that the arrest was for a pretty serious charge which she believes that her sister could have just avoided. So, she admitted to laughing at the poor woman who called her from the bail bond agency.

Then, the woman reportedly explained how bail worked and told her that she only needed to bond 10 percent.

Still, though, she laughed again and told the woman that she just did not have that kind of spare cash lying around.

So, at that point, the bail bonds employee asked her if anyone else would be willing to help out her sister. And honestly, she was forced to tell the woman no.

“My sister has burned SO many bridges. I don’t trust that any of her friends will help,” she admitted.

“The last time I asked them, two friends told me they refused to help her and exactly why. And their stories were terrible enough that I accepted they had a valid reason not to want contact with my sister.”

In turn, she was forced to tell the bail bonds employee that no, no one else would help. She told the woman that their parents were deceased, and they had few other family members. Finally, she was simply honest and said that she was unwilling to help out her sister.

So, all of this essentially means that she left her sister in jail to deal with the consequences of her actions. And she cannot stop thinking about it.

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